Falcon Crest Resort

Falcon Crest Resort was established in 1998. With an area of 9.5 hectares. The Resort has a team building activities ideal for schools, companies, and organizations.

The Falcon Crest Resort is located at Ahunin, Norzagaray, Bulacanview. With the view of the trees and mountains, with its cool and refreshing ambeance of the nature which makes it a perfect place for leisure and relaxation.
Falcon Crest Resort in Norzagaray, Bulacan

Resort Name:

Falcon Crest Resort


Lingunan, Partida, Norzagaray, Bulacan.


  • swimming pool
  • retreat house with 16 rooms good for 104 persons
  • pavilion for special occasions
  • rappeling
  • zipline (slide for life)
  • rope courses (rope traverse, multivine, rope labyrinth)
  • cargo net
  • Camping House
  • Restaurant
  • Air-conditioned Rooms

Contact Details of Falcon Crest Resort
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Rates: (Falcon Crest Resort additional rates? Click here)

Day swimming from (8am – 5pm) -
Night swimming from (5pm – 12MN) -
Overnight swimming-

Pavilion – P
Accommodation Room Rates:

Retreat House / Non-Aircon Rooms
 per room per day. (14 rooms available)
-  Each room is good for 6 persons.
 per room per day. (2 rooms available)
- Each room is good for 10 persons.
We have a minimum of 8 rooms for a  retreat/seminar.
Aircon Rooms
 per room per day. (3 rooms available)
- Good for 8-10 persons
 per room per day. (1 room available)
- Good for 18-20 persons
 per head per day.
- Each tent is good for 10-12 persons
We have food catering for retreats/seminars/activities.
Prices are as follows for student meal:
/meal – dinner / lunch
- consists of 2 viands and rice
/meal – breakfast

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